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We are the first company in Italy to develop an end-to-end production of catalytic converters. Since 1998, we have been growing our experience in the catalytic conversion of combustion sectors, both for the automotive and the industrial segments.

Over the last eight years, we have accumulated a vast knowledge of the production and regeneration of particulate filters for any type of diesel engine. Recently, we added SCR Redox and cold catalysis applications to our catalogue of products and services.

Part of our strategy is to invest constantly on automated high-technology equipment. This type of approach allows us to create products with an excellent price-quality relationship, which are as good as, or better than, the ones manufactured abroad.

Whenever an efficient conversion of combustion pollutants is required, Brain can guarantee abatements over 90%, proving that high efficiency and superior quality do not necessarily mean high prices. We complement our technical knowledge with super-fast deliveries, within 24 hours.