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  • By regenerating the cat-fap it is possible to work on any part, whether original, expensive or hard-to-find.
  • The original cat-fap can be kept, as well as its existing codes and identification numbers.
  • The time required for the regeneration is very short: 12 hours if the regenerated cat-fap is already in stock; 48 hours to regenerate the customer’s original part. In that case, the part is picked up by an express courier and sent back to the customer the day after.
  • Limited cost: by regenerating your cat-fap, you will spend one third of the cost of a new original part, and half of what our competitors would charge.
  • The final quality of the service is superior, as it combines the advantages of the original cat-fap shell with those of a brand new filter and a metallic (instead of ceramic) catalytic converter (metallic substrates won’t break). Our regeneration service comes with a 2-year warranty from the moment the part is installed.
  • It is possible to have any part shipped to your address in a very short time at a very low price and with no need to search for the original (or a competitor’s) part.

For the last ten years, regenerating particulate filters has been our preferred system to make our customers save money without compromises on quality.

Another advantage of our system is that it’s good for the environment. By regenerating the cat-fap instead of replacing it, we use less steel and recycle other materials, like precious metals.