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We are the first company in Italy to develop an end-to-end production of catalytic converters for the industrial and automotive sectors.
We build and regenerate antiparticulate filters for any type of engine, with abatements over 90%.


Why we are different

Flexibility and product customisation

Our production ranges from a single customised unit to series of few items, each one with its own code.

Maximum satisfaction guaranteed

We aim to guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers. All of our products are covered by a 24-month warranty against breakage and malfunction.

Fast delivery

Delivery is completed in 24 hours if the product is available, and 3-5 days if it’s not in stock. Revision and regeneration require 48 hours, while for large quantities and varieties of items, the average time is 2-3 weeks.

Pre and after sale assistance

We assist our customers from the buying phase to the installation. We also provide on-demand technical support, in case of any malfunctioning after the part is assembled.

We operate in the following sectors

Featured Products

Liquid solutions for the regeneration of antiparticulate filters

We supply a cerine-based solution (known by the brand name “Eolys”), with the same composition and performance of the original.

Coated metallic substrates with X- and vortex-type windings

We have a wide range of braze-welded coated and uncoated substrates, with an X- or vortex-type structure, which are more resistant than normal spiral monoliths.

Metallic and ceramic substrates for SCR and urea applications

We produce coated ceramic and metallic substrates for the industrial, trucking, and automotive sectors. These substrates are designed to drastically reduce NOx emissions in low-temperature SCR diesel engines.

Coated and uncoated FAP cartridges in silicon carbide and cordierite

We substitute FAP cartridges, whenever broken or melted down. Cartridges can be coated or uncoated, with or without PGM impregnation.


Regeneration/revision of antiparticulate filters

We are able to regenerate any antiparticulate filter, with lower costs than the original, but with the same level of performance. The reconditioning is carried out either through thermic treatment (regeneration), or through substitution of the cartridge filter of the catalyst (revision).

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